Noobus is still being properly set up for running on a NodeJS server. An NPM build will be released later next year, but for now, you can install the latest version on Tampermonkey... finished Version 4 will be released later this month.

Guess like a pro

The only bot that can properly guess so far is taking a step further with the API! Searches are now narrowed to the actual word database, and uses a high quality guessing system written from scratch (unlike the old script we used off GreaseFork).

Version 5 will draw

A brand new drawbot, hopefully inspired by the Chrome extension, will be out with Version 5... coming along with the PhantomJS bot GUI that will release your bots at scale in the server. All you need is a command line and NodeJS, instructions will be simple.


No other bot will be as human friendly as Noobus. Simply click a few buttons, or if you want to step it up: do a few quick installations and commands, and voila! Anyone who wants to, can get Noobus.


Noobus will be soon a branch of the skribbl util family. Util will come common hacky utilites that improve your cheating experince on Skribbl. This will include spam, draw, avatar, etal. customizations.


No other bot can spam, draw, and guess in such a customizable and simple way. The choice to write in JavaScript allows this to be possible. Other languages make it hard for users, and tough to use simple functionality of the web.